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Okay guys, here’s the deal.

We’ve all noticed that Ashton hasn’t been looking so great lately. He’s been really tired and sick-looking. In these pictures, he’s been wearing electrodes. You can see it clearly in the first two pictures and you can see it under his shirt in the last one.

We all need to be really careful and considerate right now. They’ve been mobbed quite a few times over the past few weeks and we don’t want anything to happen to Ashton.

So if you do happen to meet them/go to a concert, please be really considerate and don’t do anything that might hurt him or the other boys. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but it’s still something that we should take into consideration as people who love him very much.


19-27/ times Luke's smile almost killed me
[March '14 Instagram videos and Keeks]

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